Why is My Child Not Motivated?

  This is another common question we encounter at BrainFit. When a child is not motivated, parents often blame it on an uninspiring teacher, wrong teaching techniques, or laziness. While some of these may be the cause, there may be other factors which we will... read more

Move the Body to Boost the Brain!

  Have you ever wondered what is helping you sit upright in your chair without falling over and allowing you to control a pencil in your hand effectively to write or draw? It is the “sensory-motor” part of your brain. Often unknown to many of us, this brain... read more

Memory Strategies

  Making the Most of Memory Strategies Just like there are many types of memories, there are many types of memory strategies. Most of the strategies applicable to children involve improving storage and recall i.e. making the information to be memorized more... read more

Types of Memory

  Understanding the Different Types of Memory There are many types of memory.  A child may be strong in storing one type of memory but not the other. Having an understanding of the types of memory is useful for parents to understand your child’s learning... read more

Play – Learning or Just Fun?

  Play – Serious learning or just having fun? Is play really able to build a young brain? Or is it only about having fun? Actually it is both! One of the reasons why play is a powerful brain building activity is precisely because of the fun element inherent... read more

Flash Cards – Benefits or Perils?

Flashing a deck of picture or word cards rapidly in front of our babies or toddlers has become one of the “signature” brain stimulation activities among Asian parents. Let’s examine how this has come about. Believed to be invented in Japan in the 1980s, the rapid... read more