10 year old boy, Nicholas Loke

Fortunately, through word of mouth, Mrs Loke heard of BrainFit Studio and signed Nicholas up for the SMART Moves programme at BrainFit Studio last December. By the end of January, she noticed that Nicholas’s handwriting had improved significantly. For example, his writing of Chinese characters was much neater. “I thought he had brought home someone else’s worksheets!” recounted Mrs Loke, of her initial surprise at her son’s improvement. Nicholas enjoyed the SMART Moves programme, as it was active and fun.

Mrs Loke also signed Nicholas up for SMART Listening and SMART Vision, to help him polish his listening and attention skills. “Nicholas is making good progress academically, in English as well as Chinese,” she said, “I am so glad that these programmes have helped him!”

10 year old Girl, Tricia

10-year-old Tricia Lee hadn’t done well in school, despite having gone through numerous enrichment programmes, and she often seemed overwhelmed by her schoolwork. Then her mother, Corporate Trainer Mrs Anita Lee, heard of BrainFit Studio through a friend’s friend. “I attended the talk on brain fitness by Cheryl, and decided to get Tricia assessed, after which I signed her up for SMART Vision and SMART Moves,” said Mrs Lee. “The positive change in Tricia, a Primary Four pupil at a girls’ school, was obvious just after about 20 hours of training!”

Mrs Lee recounted, ”Tricia used to have a short attention span, whether at school or at home, doing homework. A piece of homework that should take about 30 minutes would take her at least one or two hours to complete, because she was easily distracted.” Tricia would also be short-tempered and irritable, and at times aggressive when communicating her needs and requests.

After enrolling at BrainFit Studio, Tricia has become a much happier learner. “She is calmer, more patient and more willing to listen and learn. She is also able to do her homework independently and within a shorter time,” said Mrs Lee. “Tricia has also started passing tests in school.”

Mrs Lee is particularly pleased with the emotional changes in Tricia. “I am really happy that Tricia is calmer now, and more open in discussing her emotions,” said Mrs Lee. “She also shows more resilience and a willingness to work hard.”

Tricia enjoys her sessions at BrainFit Studio, as they are fun and game-like. As Mrs Lee explains, ”Tricia gets a high sense of achievement as she moves up the different levels of the programmes, and that motivates her as a learner.” Here’s to more productive learning, Tricia!

Mrs. Lee, parent of 10 year old Tricia

11 year old boy, Christien Koh

It was very disheartening indeed. Recalled Mrs Koh, “We all knew that Christien was an intelligent child. Yet he didn’t do well in school, despite all the tuition and remedial lessons he had gone through. We were at our wits’ end actually.”

Fortunately, things changed for the better when Mrs Koh enrolled Christien at BrainFit Studio. “In September Christien started on SMART Listening, after a cognitive assessment at BrainFit showed this to be his weakest area,“ said Mrs Koh. “It has really helped him – he is more alert to his surroundings. For example, he’d be able to remember where we have parked the car – little details like the level and the lot section. Previously he couldn’t do this. He also started doing better with schoolwork, and showed more independence in completing homework.” Christien’s teachers also noticed that he was becoming more confident and responsive in class – a wonderful change indeed.

“The greatest change he experienced was the huge boost in his exam performance,” said Mrs Koh. “Not only did Christien improve significantly, he was also given the “Best Effort” award for achieving more than 50% improvement in his overall results. That was really great! He also passed Chinese for the first time, achieving a fairly good grade.”

Christien is carrying on with the SMART Listening programme, and has also started on SMART Vision. He finds both programmes interesting and fun as well, especially the game and movement elements. Said Mrs Koh, “Christien has improved so much in his listening, visual and attention skills, which makes learning more efficient for him. I am really glad that the SMART programmes are helping him so well, when nothing else was effective. ”

Mrs. Denise Koh, mother of 11 year old Christien Koh

5 year old boy, Mathew Voong

Little Matthew Voong was just five when his dad enrolled him for BrainFit lessons. “Initially I just wanted him to mix with other people and build his social skills,’ said Mr Voong, a quality engineer by profession.

Matthew joined SMART Moves at first. “He liked all the fun movements and enjoyed coming to BrainFit Studio, so I enrolled him in SMART Vision and SMART Listening too, “ said Mr Voong. “He enjoyed these too. I think the games were fun and stimulating, and his teachers, Mr Lim and Ms Wong, were very good with him.”

It was not just all fun and games, however, as Matthew learnt crucial brain skills too. Says Mr Voong, “I notice that he is more attentive now, and his reaction to things is faster. Before, his attention was just all over the place. His coordination is much better too.”

“Most importantly, Matthew also gained in confidence. This will definitely give him a head start when he starts Primary One next year,” said Mr Voong. “I am very happy with Matthew’s learning experiences at BFS, and am thinking of getting his younger brother to have BrainFit lessons too!”

Mr Voong, father of 5 year old Matthew Voong

9 year old Girl, Fidelia

“Previously, my daughter, Fidelia, had poor visual perception. She often made careless mistakes. She also had difficulty understanding concepts. As a result, she wasn’t doing well academically. That’s why I signed her up at BrainFit Studio.

After going through SMART Moves and SMART Vision programmes, Fidelia has improved tremendously. She finds it so much easier to understand concepts and her academic results have also improved. I would say she processes information very well and has good comprehension skills now. In her class, she is now usually the first one to put up her hand to answer questions when other children are still thinking about the answer. This makes her happy. Previously, she also had problems with letter reversals but now she doesn’t have this problem anymore.

Fidelia is also more confident now and I think it has to do with better perceptual abilities. I also find that some of the activities are extremely helpful and enjoyable for her, as she would always be in a good mood after her lessons.

After going through SMART Listening Programme, Fidelia is more focused on her work and her listening skills have also improved tremendously. In the past, she will often say ‘huh?’ and ask me to repeat my instructions to her. Now, she hardly needs me to repeat. It’s great that her concentration level is so much better now! Overall, I am really pleased to see the improvement my child has made after going through the programmes at BrainFit Studio.

Jess Chan, parent of 9 year old Fidelia