Whole-Brain Methodology

BrainFit®’s unique whole-brain methodology targets training in all 5 “brain muscles” of Vision, Auditory, Sensory-Motor, Focus and Emotional processing. Our goal is to improve 8 key cognitive skills:

Timing & Coordination,
Emotional regulation,
Social skills &

Giving your child the SMARTEST brain possible!

Personalised Approach

BrainFit® adopts a fully personalised approach because every brain is unique. our CognitiveMAP™ cognitive profiling allows parents and coaches to understand each child before training begins. Our programmes are heavily personalised to ensure maximum adaptation to each student.


BrainFit® takes our professional accountability seriously. Our students’ cognitive progress is tracked session by session, with standardised evaluations at regular intervals. With regular monitoring, we attempt to deliver the best results to our clients within the shortest period of time.


Based on our data, 80% to 90% of parents report improvements in their children within 1 term (4 month) of participation in our brain training programmes. Standardised tests scores show an average increase of 8-10 standard score points after completing 1-2 terms of programme. Some of our programmes have been validated by renown institutions like Harvard, Stanford and MIT.