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Boost your Child’s Attention & Focus

The Scientific Way to Better Boost a Young Brain!

“Help! My child has trouble paying attention!” This is the most common concern we encounter at BrainFit Studio. When their child is inattentive, parents often blame it on lack of motivation or poor attention span. However, this may not always be the case.

A child may be inattentive due to many reasons. For example, a bright child may not be a natural listener. Just like some people are born without excellent running stamina, some children may not be naturally strong listeners. They may need to focus really hard to follow multi-step instructions. This gets them mentally fatigued or they may simply “switch-off” when listening.

Other children may be inattentive because they take more time to process information. Just like some of us are not quick with ball games, some children may not be quick enough in thinking. Without good thinking speed, information is easily missed and children may be more careless and inattentive.

As we celebrate a new year, our children will be expected to tackle a heavier school load. It is a great time to boost their brain fitness and to ensure they have all the brain power and mental speed needed to succeed in the new school year.

Attend this seminar to learn about:

1) Why some children focus easily while others struggle to pay attention

2) Understanding your child’s unique brain to help him/her develop stronger

3) 8 research-based strategies to improve attention in your child

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At BrainFit Studio, we adopt a holistic and personalised approach to our brain fitness training programmes. These cater to the 5 vital brain-pillars, namely: Sensory-Motor, Visual, Auditory, Focus-Memory and Social-Emotional (EQ) development. For our baby and junior classes especially, these are brought about through multi-faceted, fun and engaging activities.

Currently with 26 centres in 5 countries, BrainFit Studio has been specialising in building cognitive and intelligence foundations in young children and students since 2001. Cognitive skills like focus, memory and mental speed function like the “engine” that drives our learning, thinking and problem-solving processes. They have a deep impact on our children’s academic achievement and can also be specifically strengthened.

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WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Ms Cheryl Chia, Founder of BrainFit Studio

Ms Cheryl Chia holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies (Paediatrics) from University of Queensland (“UQ”), Australia.  She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (“KK Hospital”) in Singapore to study Physiotherapy at UQ, where she was subsequently conferred membership in the Golden Key National Honour Society in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence.

Ms Chia has more than 19 years of work experience, with over 4 years of clinical physiotherapy experience in KK Hospital where she held various responsibilities including being the overall co-ordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy.  Ms Chia was also part-time lecturer on Paediatric Physiotherapy at Nanyang Polytechnic and she has also authored a book titled “Fit Brains Learn Better: A Chronicle of 12 years of Brain Fitness Training.”

Ms Chia has keen interest in cognitive neuroscience (brain research on learning skills) and its applications. As the Founder of BrainFit Studio, Ms Chia is widely recognised by industry peers and has presented in numerous international conferences related to brain fitness and intelligence development. Currently with 26 centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey, BrainFit Studio focuses on helping children from birth to 21 years old develop a learning advantage through strengthening of their brain fitness and intelligence.