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Brain-Based Learning Webinars

BrainFit® organises regular free educational webinars for parents and educators on important topics related to brain-based learning. Our goal is to raise the understanding of how brain fitness and cognitive skills can have a deep impact on learners’ development and learning outcomes. We are especially keen to share scientific brain-based strategies which parents and educators can practically apply at home and in the classroom to enhance learners’ behaviours, learning capabilities, mindsets, resilience and performance. We want to empower all stakeholders to help your learners experience joy in their learning, through a brain-based approach.

Upcoming Webinar

Webinar #21: Help For The Lazy and Uninterested Learner

1st July 2021

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

2781 Feedback Responses from Our Recent Webinars

How useful is the information presented in this webinar for you?

Are you able to apply the strategies shared?

Would you recommend this webinar to a friend or colleague?

Respondent Demographics

When Miss Cheryl told us about the 3 “M”, that is very useful for me as a school counsellor. I can give my students and their parents information that they need to know.

The information being presented by the speaker is concise. Also, the polls given were fascinating to answer. The participants also had the chance to take part in the webinar. 

This webinar included the latest data, information and strategies/techniques that can be applied in the students of today with the current situation. 

This webinar is so informative. I’ve learned a lot and the speaker explained the whole topic clearly.

What I like best about this webinar is that the speaker is knowledgeable and gave a comprehensive presentation. The topics are very relevant and timely for us.

I don’t need to travel to to attend the seminars or talks held by BrainFit. I have 2 little kids at home, I might not able to attend the talk at designated locations if the webinar is not hosted online. 

The 3 things I like most: 1. The way the speaker discussed the presentation. 2. The topic is relevant. 3. The organizers are 👍👍👍.

The message is clear and there are interpreters provided.

Past Webinars

Webinar #20: I Have a Learning Style – Fact or Myth?

17th June 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #18: Pre-Academic Skills: "Invisible" Skills of Top Learners

20th May 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #16: My Baby Can Read! - Facts and Myths in Reading Development

22nd April 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #12: Pushing the Boundaries of Achievement Series by Leading Neuroscientists

Speakers: Dr Mike Merzenich, Dr Ed Hamlin, Dr David Rabiner

Webinar #9: Strategies for Stronger Memory Power

10th September 2020 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #3: self-motivation: What does it take?

14th May 2020 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #1: Understand your Learner’s Behaviours

6th May 2020 (Wednesday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #19: Harness The Power of Movement to Improve Attention & Learning

3rd June 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #17: Reading Assistant – Your Personal Reading Coach

6th May 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #13: Why Is It So Hard For My Child to Focus and Pay Attention?

11th March 2021 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #10: Future learning & Strategies to accelerate learning

15th October 2020 (Thursday)

Speaker: Dr Steven Miller

Webinar #8: Raising Creative and Critical Thinkers

13th August 2020 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #4: Stress, Emotional Regulation & Resilience

28th May 2020 (Thursday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia

Webinar #2: Integrating Brain Fitness into the Classroom

8th May 2020 (Friday)

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia