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BrainFit® Executive

BrainFit® Executive caters to young and working adults who are keen to sharpen their cognitive skills to optimise their focus, memory and work performance. The aim is to provide adults and working professionals with the ability to perform at a higher level without any conscious effort – the extra edge would be second nature.

In a world with increasing distractions and stresses, the need for you to have solid attention stamina and focus, memory recall, as well as positive mental health, resilience and coping strategies increases by the day. Recent neuroscience research has revealed that our brain is very much like a muscle which can be exercised and strengthened. While there are no quick fixes, regular participation in adapted and targeted physical and cognitive exercises can be powerful in shaping your brain.

While It is true that younger brains are more malleable for change, the good news is that the science has shown us that adult brains are capable of change through all ages, much like our heart can be strengthened at any age through exercises.

Our Methodology

BrainFit® Executive’s unique SMART Workout® uses a fully personalized whole-brain workout protocol that involves physical exercises, cognitive exercises and emotional coaching.

Success in brain training requires individuals to lift the correct “mental weights”. During BrainFit® Executive, cognitive progress is tracked session by session so that these “mental weights” can be adjusted and fine-tuned. Through the use of our SMART Moves, SMART Workout and SMART Listening apps, BrainFit® Executive stretches your brain using an objective data-driven scientific process. With regular monitoring, we attempt to deliver the best results to you within the shortest period of time.

While BrainFit® Executive shares many elements with our BrainFit® Scholar programme, adults typically participate in exercises with a greater challenge so that we are able to stretch a more mature brain. At the same time, our emotional coaching is geared towards managing the mindsets and stresses experienced by adults.    

A superior brain advantage for you

In each 110-minute class, you will participate in group warm-up exercises and personalised physical and cognitive exercises. For about half the class’ duration, you will be engaged in personalised movement activities that build coordination, planning and speed. The other half of the class’ duration involves cognitive exercises using iPad/ computer-based activities that will stretch your focus, working memory, cognitive flexibility and processing speed. Every class will end with an emotional coaching session that involves mindfulness exercises.     


Class details

  • 1 class per week
  • 110 minutes per class
  • Small class size (max 1:6)

Gain the following with BrainFit® Executive

  • Stronger focus and stamina to stay on a task and complete it
  • Elevate memory and recall
  • Retain information received by ear better
  • Accelerate processing speed and faster work completion
  • Enhance work performance and on-time delivery 
  • Develop emotional regulation and stress management capabilities