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BrainFit® Kindie

(An ECDA-registered Kindergarten for children from 18 months to 6 years old)

Learn Faster in Less Time with Stronger Brain Power

BrainFit® Kindie is a preschool programme unlike any other! Most preschools devote an hour each day to English and Chinese instruction respectively. At BrainFit® Kindie, our students receive about half an hour each day of instruction for each language (2.5 hours per week).

Our results? BrainFit® Kindie’s students will typically be able to read both English and Chinese texts towards the end of K1. We achieve similar (or better) results as children who devote almost double the time to language learning!

How do we do this? Students in our kindergarten participate in brain training activities every day to improve memory, attention span, learning speed, emotional regulation & mindset. With a fitter brain, children CAN learn faster and have more fun learning!




A Scientific, Engaging & Personalised Approach

BrainFit® Kindie is an innovative kindergarten programme that offers a scientific and engaging approach to learning. We use research from some of the best universities in order to design programmes for your child’s development, creativity, cognitive skillsets, social-emotional regulation and more!

BrainFit® Kindie focuses on each individual student’s developmental needs through evidence-based curriculums so that our children can unlock their full potential and lay down the best brain foundations for future success.

Unique & Powerful “ACE MY BRAIN” Whole-Brain Methodology

In order to be a successful learner, many skills are needed. BrainFit® Kindie’s curriculum develops these skills in a structured manner through two main approaches: Cognitive Training & Academic Teaching.

Develop Cognitive Skills for a Lifetime of Success

Imagine a school that doesn’t just teach you what’s on the curriculum but instead teaches students to unlock their full potential and lay down the best foundations for learning.

 BrainFit® Kindie makes sure every student in its classrooms is growing at his/ her best pace, developing skills necessary for life-long success, while empowering them through innovative teaching methods.