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BrainFit® Prime Online Classes

Our BrainFit® Prime programme specially designed for the elders in our families is now available online!

This home-based brain training programme uses our proprietary methodology using the 3 proven methods of physical training, cognitive training and mindfulness training.

Cognitive training exercises are completely personalised to ensure each individual trains on the correct “mental weights”. We achieve this by using data-driven algorithms in our applications.

Our goals for BrainFit® Prime are to delay mental decline, maintain or increase mental sharpness and agility so that individuals are able to confidently partake in and enjoy everyday home, work and social activities. 

Suitable for:
Individuals aged 60 years and above

Items required:

  • Laptop or iPad
  • Internet
  • Sturdy Chair
  • Help to enter Zoom classroom and navigate the brain training apps (where necessary)

50 min per class