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BrainFit® Scholar

Like a physical gym where you go to tone up your muscles and increase your stamina, BrainFit Scholar is like your personal mental gym, where you go to work out your memory, focus, brain speed, logical-reasoning, reading and math skills using world-class brain training programmes. Just as our bodies need care and exercise, so do our brains. Having a fit and agile mind is a crucial foundation to confidence and success in life.

The only programme that accelerates academic achievement by improving brain performance

Our unique academic programmes teach students what they need to know, and at the same time, boost their cognitive skills that enable them to learn successfully. Our brain-based programmes are the first to combine the learning of academic content with the training of content-specific cognitive skills. This provides all the necessary tools for successful learning and gives a jumpstart to your child’s education

The benefits of a stronger, more agile mind are limitless

Benefit #1

Your child’s learning abilities will be enhanced significantly

The better your child’s cognitive abilities, the better he/she will be able to concentrate and focus on any given task from the simplest to the most complex. That means your child can absorb fully in class, understand new concepts faster and be unbeatable in school!

Benefit #2

Your child will be more motivated and resilient

With healthier learning mindsets and stronger learning abilities, motivation for learning naturally grows. This sets up a cycle of positivity which leads to greater mental and emotional resilience when faced with setbacks.

Benefit #3

You can enjoy an improved parent-and-child relationship

When your child obediently sits down to finish his/her homework and chores, you can finally end the nagging and come home to quality time with your child.

When brain fitness or cognitive skills are not fully developed, you may see these behaviours

A unique brain-based approach to better grades and confidence

STEP 1: TEST To Measure Current Brain Performance

Test using BrainFit® CognitiveMAP, a standardized whole-brain cognitive fitness and mindset assessment, to give you valuable insights and strategies into your child’s learning capabilities, behaviours and school performance. 

STEP 2: TAILOR a Personalized Brain Workout

Our Brain Fitness Coach will tailor a personalised brain workout for your child based on your goals as well as the CognitiveMAP report. You will also learn strategies to exploit your child’s cognitive strengths and remediate his/ her cognitive weaknesses.

STEP 3: TRAIN Using 3 Proven Methods

Our SmartFit module strengthens all core cognitive skills, while our ExamFit module helps you master proven study techniques, habits and mindsets for exam excellence.

SmartFit Module

Physical Training

Physical exercises target postural efficiency, speed,  coordination, motor planning etc to improve attention & learning.  

Cognitive Training

​3 programmes, namely, SMART Workout® for general cognition and English Workout & Math Workout for academic achievement.

Emotional Coaching

Comprehensive curriculum targets Growth Mindset, Emotional Regulation and Willpower.

ExamFit Module

​BrainFit’s ExamFit module is specially designed to help your child develop the key skills needed to ace exams – a system of effective study techniques and habits, an expansive mindset and self-calming strategies for better exam performance and resilience. Not only can these skills help prevent mental stresses and make learning more enjoyable, your child can also be equipped with independent study skills, revision habits and the ability to handle high-stakes testing situations in the future.

STEP 4: TRACK The 8 SMARTS for Visible Improvements

Track visible improvements in your child’s learning and behaviours, some within as short as 4 months (1 term) of training.

Personalised Brain Workout #1 

SMART Workout

Fully Personalised Attention, Working Memory & Speed Workout

SMART Workout® targets underlying cognitive skills important for overall learning, such as working memory, attention stamina, processing speed and cognitive flexibility. In 2 published studies, SMART Workout® has been shown to improve students’ attention span and school results. With stronger cognition, the ability for higher level critical thinking is increased, which will be increasingly important in today’s technology-driven world.

Personalised Brain Workout #2

English Cognition Workout

Fully Personalised Vocabulary, Fluency & Comprehension Workout

Our English Cognition Workout is a unique programme that improves academic English through the award-winning Fast ForWord® programme. Fast ForWord® boosts both linguistic (eg. phonological abilities, vocabulary, grammatical understanding, oral fluency, comprehension) and cognitive skill development (eg. memory, attention, processing speed), accelerating language-processing areas that are most crucial for academic success. Fast ForWord® has been heavily researched, with validated published studies by some of the world’s top universities, such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT Universities. 

Personalised Brain Workout #3

Math Cognition Workout

Fully Personalised Math Spatial & Concept Workout

Our Math Cognition Workout uses Zorbit Math (K-3) to improve Math learning and school results through a brain-based approach. Zorbit Math helps children understand math at a conceptual level by using heavy visual representations, which is aligned with how our brains learn math. The programme stands apart from many other math software by encouraging students to explore rich math tasks, rather than engaging in memorisation or repetitive Math drills. An independent research study showed that over the course of eight weeks, students using Zorbit Math saw numeracy development equal to that of one full year of natural development.