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BrainFit® Scholar

Our highly successful BrainFit® Scholar programme aims to boost cognitive skills rapidly for a more efficient, enjoyable and successful learning experience. BrainFit® Scholar is unlike a typical learning programme that focuses on school subjects teaching, learning techniques or motivational strategies. Instead, it is more like a mental gym that strengthens students’ cognitive skills through targeted and personalised exercises.

BrainFit® Scholar’s SMART Workout® rapidly boosts students’ performance, with observable improvement expected in as short as 1 term or 4 months’ of training. This experience of real success enhances our students’ ability to develop a positive growth mindset, believing in themselves that through hard work and practice, they can stretch their brains and achieve their goals. The result is both a more effective and more motivated learner.

Our Methodology

BrainFit® Scholar’s unique SMART Workout® uses a fully personalized intensive whole-brain workout protocol that involves physical exercises, cognitive exercises and emotional coaching.

Success in brain training requires individuals to lift the correct “mental weights”. During BrainFit® Scholar, cognitive progress is tracked session by session so that these “mental weights” can be adjusted and fine-tuned. Through the use of our SMART Moves, SMART Workout and SMART Listening apps, BrainFit® Scholar stretches your child’s brain using an objective data-driven scientific process. With regular monitoring, we attempt to deliver the best results to your child within the shortest period of time.

At the same time, our SMART EQ includes 3 comprehensive curriculums spanned over the calendar year that shape emotional processing to impact motivation, attitudes and behaviours. These curriculums are:

  • Nurturing a Growth Mindset
  • Managing my Emotions
  • Boosting my Willpower

A superior brain advantage for your Scholar

In each 110-minute class, your child will participate in group warm-up exercises and personalised physical and cognitive exercises. For about half the class’ duration, students will be engaged in personalised and fun movement activities that utilises equipment like the trampoline, balls and balance pads. The other half of the class’ duration involves cognitive exercises using table-top and iPad/ computer-based activities that stretch students’ focus, working memory and processing speed. At every 4th, 8th, 12th and 15th weeks, the cognitive component will be replaced by emotional coaching. Students are expected to participate in home exercises for an additional 2-4x/week of at least 30 minutes.

Class details

  • 1 class per week
  • 110 minutes per class
  • Small class size (max 1:6)

Gain the following with BrainFit® Scholar

  • Stronger concentration and stamina to stay on a task and complete it
    • Our Scholars make fewer errors under pressure as they learn to consciously block out extraneous information and focus intently on the task at hand.
  • Elevate memory and focus
    • Memory and recall activities strengthen the “memory maker” in the brain – the sea horse-shaped structure called the hippocampus, as well as other brain sites.
  • Excel in Mathematics and Chinese
    • Spatial-temporal reasoning and visualisation are key cognitive skills that Scholars will work on. With a refined ability to imagine and manipulate the interaction of objects in their minds, Scholars will excel in visual-critical subjects.
  • Retain information received by ear better
    • Exercises targeting our Scholars’ auditory processing ability sharpens their comprehension of auditory cues. This helps them synthesize knowledge at a faster rate, inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Avoid being penalised by illegibility
    • Advanced fine motor exercises for neater handwriting, in addition to being faster and more accurate at copying notes by hand.
  • Develop a solid growth mindset, resilience and stronger willpower
    • Emotional coaching and mindfulness exercises enhance our Scholars’ positive self-talk and equip them with self-calming strategies and the will to persevere towards more positive behaviours.   

“The changes in her after she attended the programmes are remarkable. Her handwriting has improved dramatically. It is easier for her to focus at school and she even enjoys reading and Math now!”

– Nancy Fox, mother of 9-year-old Juliette Bouwman


“My 7-year-old daughter has trained in BrainFit Scholar for over 2 terms or about 8 months. I have seen good improvement in her motor skills, handwriting and balance. I especially like the emotional coaching videos which parents can also access on the parent app. I will recommend the programme to others.”

– Parent of 7-year-old child


“My daughter has trained at BrainFit for more than a year. She is a faster learner and her motivation, emotional regulation and confidence are also better. I have also seen her memory, listening and reading skills improve. I really like the progress assessments conducted regularly because we can measure clearly the improvements made.”

– Parent of 7-year-old child


“My son’s learning speed and ability has improved after attending BrainFit Scholar. The use of various activities to interest my child in learning and the small class sizes are what I like most about the programme. He enjoys the classes and I also find the regular parenting webinars conducted by BrainFit helpful. Happy to recommend the BrainFit Scholar programme to others.”

– Parent of 8-year-old child