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What is CogMAP™?

CogMAP™ is a unique brain profiling tool to help you understand what drives your child’s or your own behaviours. You can gain insights into underlying brain fitness levels to explain learning abilities, behaviours, performance and mindsets.

Why do you need CogMAP™?

CogMAP™ helps you to answer many important questions about your child or yourself: • Why does one excel in some areas but struggle to master others? • Why is one not motivated to learn? Or towards any particular task like reading or sports? • What is causing one to have difficulty in concentrating or focusing? • Why is one able to remember so well in some situations but not others? • Why is one so prone to making careless mistakes? • What are the cognitive strengths one should exploit? • Why does one need so much more time to complete a task than others? • What is causing one to have low self-confidence or negative thoughts? Your brain behaves like a muscle. A person with weak stamina may not enjoy long-distance running. Another person who is not well-coordinated may not enjoy aerobics classes. Our physical fitness creates enjoyment in some physical activities but discomfort in others. Through the use of an assessment tool like CogMAP™, you are able to get a glimpse into how your child’s or your own hidden cognitive skills are shaping your abilities and behaviours.  CogMAP™ measures the fitness level of your “mental muscles”, provides strategies to optimise performance and charts a personalised training plan to get you to the next level.  Our goal is to remediate cognitive weaknesses and consolidate mental strengths.

How does CogMAP™ do that?

CogMAP™ has been standardised on more than 1500 typical individuals of different ages and nationalities. Through a series of physical, table-top and app-based activities, your scores will be measured against that of those in the CogMAP™ database. This allows us to determine how you measure against a comparable population of the same age.

Who can use CogMAP™?

CogMAP™ caters to students from 4 years old and above, working adults and seniors.

What specifically does CogMAP™ measure?

CogMAP™ brain profiling is a standardised evaluation that assesses an individual’s cognitive skills in the 5 core “brain pillars” of: 1) Focus and Memory 2) Visual processing 3) Auditory processing 4) Sensory-Motor processing 5) Social-Emotional processing These 5 systems are important because they constitute our “biology of learning” and form the brain foundations for thinking, problem-solving and execution, hence together, they also form our intelligence network.

When should I take CogMAP™?

At BrainFit®, individuals typically take CogMAP™ when they first join BrainFit®. Subsequently, a complimentary CogMAP™ is repeated every 8 months following training, to allow objective tracking of cognitive growth. CogMAP™ is used to measure the brain fitness level of an individual prior to and after brain fitness training. Besides helping you to understand your child’s or your own unique brain fitness profile, it also allows objective measurement of improvement in cognitive skills after brain fitness training.

What is the process of CogMAP™?

CogMAP™ usually takes two hours, where individuals participate in various physical, table-top or app-based activities in the first hour, followed by report interpretation with our Brain Fitness Coach in the second hour. A comprehensive personalised report of about 10-15 pages is generated for each individual which includes: • An overview of the individual’s cognitive skills • Learning abilities, behaviours and performance associated with each cognitive skill • Recommended strategies based on each cognitive skill

Who has used CogMAP™?

Students who attend BrainFit® Studios all over the world, as well as schools have used CogMAP™ for teachers to better understand their students as well as themselves.