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 Scientific Parenting for a SMARTER Brain Seminar

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) need to develop skills in their sensory system (sight, touch, taste and hearing).  They particularly require more support with their auditory (hearing) sensory skills. Children with autism often have difficulty perceiving the differences in sounds (an auditory processing disorder), and this is a core component of their attention, memory and language difficulties.

Fast ForWord®, a revolutionary personalized online cognitive training programme developed by neuroscientists from Scientific Learning (USA) can be an integral part of intervention and development for children with ASD, as they develop the auditory processing skills that are key to overcoming their language difficulties. This programme can improve their verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and creative play.

Children with autism find the Fast ForWord® programmes very engaging because of the visual appeal of the exercises and frequently repeated tasks. Parents and carers often report evident gains for their children after having used Fast ForWord.

The Fast ForWord® Advantage:

1) Based on 30 years of neuroscience research in universities including Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

2) Approved and funded by the Australian government as an early intervention programme for children with ASD.

3) Reviewed by Dr Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and author, in his New-York Times best-seller “The Brain that Changes Itself”.

4) More than 1000students in Singapore have benefitted from the programme. 

Read what the Autism Asperger’s Digest says about Fast ForWord.

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Venue: BrainFit Studio, 193-197 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307 633

Phone: 6737 3511

Date: 13 December 2014, Saturday

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Cost: Attendance is complimentary but registration is required


Venue: BrainFit Studio, 193-197 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307 633

Date: 6th June 2014, Friday

Cost: $10 per person, $15 per couple

SEMINAR PRESENTER: Ms Cheryl Chia, Founder of BrainFit Studio


Ms Cheryl Chia holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies (Paediatrics) from University of Queensland (“UQ”), Australia.  She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (“KK Hospital”) in Singapore to study Physiotherapy at UQ, where she was subsequently conferred membership in the Golden Key National Honour Society in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence.

Ms Chia has more than 19 years of work experience, with over 4 years of clinical physiotherapy experience in KK Hospital where she held various responsibilities including being the overall co-ordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy.  Ms Chia was also a part-time lecturer on Paediatric Physiotherapy at Nanyang Polytechnic and she has also authored a book titled “Fit Brains Learn Better: A Chronicle of 12 years of Brain Fitness Training.”

Ms Chia has keen interest in cognitive neuroscience (brain research on learning skills) and its applications. As the Founder of BrainFit Studio, Ms Chia is widely recognised by industry peers and has presented in numerous international conferences related to brain fitness and intelligence development. Currently with 14 centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey, BrainFit Studio focuses on helping children from birth to 18 years old develop a learning advantage through strengthening of their brain fitness and intelligence.