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Learning Skills, Learning Styles

People just learn differently!


No two people are exactly alike. People have different abilities and preferences. Even our learning skills and styles vary, and it’s the same with our children. When your child is having a hard time with academics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is unintelligent. People just learn differently. Getting to know more about your child’s learning style will help him succeed, not only in school, but in all future endeavors. There are different ways that students use to learn and process new information.

Visual learners

Visual learners retain information through their mind’s eye. There are two types of visual learners: visual-verbal and visual-nonverbal.Visual-verbal learners learn best when lessons are written. They use notes, outlines, textbooks, and written words to process their lessons.Visual-nonverbal learners learn effectively when lessons are presented in graphic format. They learn with the help of maps, charts, diagrams, illustrations, and videos.

Auditory-verbal learners

Auditory-verbal learners are people who learn through lessons that are dictated, heard, repeated or read aloud. They rely on their sense of hearing to process information. Auditory-verbal learners remember a piece of information most effectively when they hear it aloud.

Most of us have brain fitness that lie between normal and abnormal. We may have strong communication skills but poor attention span. We may excel in solving visual problems, yet fail to remember information well. These gaps in brain fitness can create under-performance in learning.

Kinesthetic or Tactile learners

Some students are not satisfied with just being presented with a lesson. Instead of just reading, watching, or hearing, kinesthetic or tactile learners must be able to experience or carry out an activity to remember it well. This type of students learns best by participating in hands on activities, role plays, field work and class demonstrations.

How does your child learn best?

Parents know how their children learn best, and will often tell us in which areas their children have problems. Here at BrainFit we dig a little deeper than the known. With our CognitiveMAP™ we evaluate a student’s cognitive skills in visual processing, auditory processing, sensory-motor processing, attention & memory, and social-emotional functioning.

The CognitiveMAP™ evaluation takes a total of 2-hours. For children under 7, its done in 2 separate one hour sessions, and for (most) children over 7, it is completed in 1-two hour block.

From the results we are able to drill down into the data to highlight specific areas that the child will need to work on. After a feedback session with the parent, we suggest the best course of study. This whole process is personalized and targeted towards a childs specific needs. With a tailor made course in place, your child is ready to learn new skills and techniques that they will carry on into the future.

If you want more information all you have to do is contact us at the centre nearest you. If you want to read more about the CognitiveMAP™, then click here for a detailed outline.