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For parents, the preschool years are an important period of ensuring that our little one can read, count and write, the 3 ‘R’s as they say – Reading, ‘Riting & ‘Rithmetic. However, mastering the 3 Rs is no guarantee of school success. Our child may have learnt to read but may fail to comprehend what he has read, or fail to enjoy the process of reading. Our child may have learnt to count but is not able to apply to solve Math problems. Our child may have mastered the 3 Rs but fail to enjoy school. What can be wrong?

New insights from brain research can help us here. To master reading and comprehension, for example, a solid foundation in auditory processing and verbal language is essential. To excel in Math, a strong development of our visual perception is vital. To focus well in class, make friends successfully and thrive in school, the ability to manage one’s emotions, especially negative ones, is critical.

Auditory processing, verbal language, visual perception and emotional management are all built and heavily shaped during the preschool years. As we prepare our children to master the 3 Rs, it is wise to also help them acquire these essential brain capabilities. Ultimately, it is these brain fitness foundations that will determine not only their readiness for Primary 1, but also their ability to thrive in school.


“After attending the Brainy Programme, my son has improved a lot. He can focus and do his work faster. He is learning better in school now. “

SM Wang, Parent of 5-year-old Jayden

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