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Personal Brain Development Workshop: 

Discovering & Elevating Your Cognitive Capabilities and Mindset


Recent neuroscience research has revealed that your brain behaves much like your physical body. Just like your physical fitness can affect your physical performance like muscle strength or running stamina, your brain fitness can affect your learning and work performance in areas such as focus & attention, memory and processing speed. 

There are 5 core areas of brain functions important for optimal performance – sensory-motor, visual, auditory, focus (executive functions) and emotional processing. Understanding your brain’s capabilities in each of these areas can help you to discover the underlying drivers behind your behaviours, motivations, learning and performance.  

At the same time, just like your physical fitness, your brain fitness can be elevated through exercises and practice. By following neuroscientific principles that guide brain change, you can learn practical strategies to improve your brain fitness and enhance your performance and personal effectiveness. 

Course Objectives: 

At the end of this activity-filled workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how your behaviours, capabilities and performances are influenced by your cognitive capabilities (eg. memory, attention span, processing speed) and mindset. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your cognitive capabilities and mindset.
  • Apply appropriate and personalised strategies to maximise your cognitive strengths and bridge your weaknesses. 
  • Take home a personal cognitive development programme and aim for personal transformation in the next 100 days.

Course Content: 

  • Learn about the latest neuroscientific insights on the 5 core “brain pillars” driving behaviours, learning and performance. 
  • Examine your own behaviours, capabilities and performances through the 5-pillar framework . 
  • Experience a hands-on brain fitness profile which evaluates your cognitive capabilities including memory, attention span and processing speed in the 5 core brain pillars using BrainFit’s standardised CogMAP™ profiling tool.  
  • Analyse your CogMAP™ profile report to gain insights into your personal strengths and weaknesses in various cognitive skills and mindset.
  • Identify appropriate neuroscience-based and lifestyle strategies to maximise your cognitive strengths and bridge your weaknesses. 
  • Design and apply a personal cognitive and mindset development programme for yourself for the next 100 days. 

Training Duration: 1 day (8 hours) 

Mode of Training: Online

Target Audience: General public keen to learn more about and improve their personal cognitive capabilities and mindset.

Language of Instruction: English

Fees: $695

About the Trainer

About the Trainer

Ms Cheryl Chia, Paediatric Physiotherapist and Founder of BrainFit®

With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Ms Cheryl Chia is an accomplished physiotherapist, who is also the founder of BrainFit, an entity that specialises in scientific brain fitness training. Cheryl holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia. She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Hospital and was also the overall coordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy there. She has lectured in Nanyang Polytechnic and is a much sought-after speaker, including at events organised by MediaCorp, the Child Guidance Clinic, schools and international brain-based learning conferences. She is a frequent invited guest on Parenting Made Easy Radio 93.8, where she shares her expertise on brain fitness to help parents raise smarter and more resilient children. Cheryl is also an author and a mother to two young girls.