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Preparatory Boot Camp For Your Child

Let’s make the best of the school holidays with a unique and holistic 8-hour brain fitness training camp exclusively for preschool children! Using scientific ways to boost your child’s young brain, the camp will accelerate the development of handwriting, attention, memory, verbal intelligence, visual intelligence, and social-emotional skills. Your child will partake in fun-filled brain training activities that help them to learn better, think faster, and focus longer. Give your child a brain workout in preparation for primary school now!


Programme Details:
Over 2 half-days of ACE the Brain – Primary One Prep Holiday Programme, your child will participate in the following:

Day 1: 4 hours of Core Modules

  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual perception skills
  • Visual and sequential memory
  • Reading skills
  • Learning speed
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Self-awareness of emotions and self-management

Day 2: 4 hours of Advance Modules

  • Gross motor skills
  • Handwriting and copying skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Working memory
  • Speech and language skills
  • Attention stamina
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Social awareness of emotions and relationship-management


Maximum class size is 20; subject to minimum number for class commencement.

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