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Reading Assistant For Primary, Secondary and Preschool Students!
Every educator knows that students benefit from extra reading practice, especially when it is combined with immediate feedback and support from a teacher. With Reading AssistantTM, students receive individualised reading coaching every time they use the software, making the most of each instructional minute.

Every Reader Deserves A Listener
Reading Assistant is the only reading programme that models the correct reading of a passage to students. Modelling correct reading is one of the principles of best practice for guided oral reading. The voice recognition technology built into Reading Assistant then provides an impersonal, judgment-free listener dedicated to listening solely to each student read aloud, and correcting them immediately if they stumble or make mistakes – never missing a teachable moment. No other e-book or programme provides comparable support! With the help of a supportive listener, students build reading fluency and comprehension. 


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Workshop Presenter: Ms Goh Choon Kim, Education Consultant of BrainFit Studio

Choon Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the National University of Singapore and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. She has a keen interest in teaching and helping children learn better and has more than 4 years of experience working with students as an English Language teacher in various MOE secondary schools. As an Education Consultant at BrainFit Studio, she has conducted workshops and talks to parents and teachers in Singapore and abroad on various topics related to English Language learning, brain fitness and intelligence development.