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School Programmes

BrainFit® is the exclusive distribution partner of Scientific Learning’s programmes (Reading Assistant, Fast ForWord and Kiko’s Thinking Time) in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  These web-based programmes are designed by neuroscientists and language experts to help students from pre-schools, primary and secondary schools improve their English proficiency and auditory processing skills as well as key cognitive skills such as memory, focus and reasoning.  The programmes have received wide support from school leaders and they have been effectively implemented in many schools in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong with rave reviews and positive feedback.


Professional Development for Teachers

As a brain fitness specialist since 2001, BrainFit® has been actively involved in parent education and teacher training on topics related to brain fitness and cognitive skills for the past 18 years.

Recent research has revealed that cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed are distinctively different from, yet foundational to academic skills. This professional development series is specially designed to help educators understand the relationship between cognitive skills and learning outcomes, as well as to implement brain-based learning strategies in the classroom.

Teachers and schools can choose from the topics presented here or speak to us to customize a programme relevant to the needs of your school, from short one-hour introductory workshops to our full 15-hour “Certified Brain Fitness Coach” professional development programme.

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SMART Workout® Cognitive and Mindset Development Programme for Students

SMART Workout® is a cognitive and mindset development programme resulting from close to two decades of research and implementation of cognitive and emotional skills training in students. It uses a proven science-based approach that encompasses the 3 key components of physical exercises, cognitive exercises and emotional coaching .

Cognitive skills are distinct from (yet foundational to) school readiness and academic success. Strong working memory, processing speed and attentional skills provide the basis upon which students can effectively and efficiently master the content taught by teachers.

Emotional coaching involving explicit instruction, interactive and reflective activities, as well as mindfulness training help students to nurture a growth mindset and regulate their emotions. Our goal is to help students develop stronger mental resilience and acquire practical strategies to effectively handle stress and cope with negative emotions.

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Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant acts like a personal reading coach where using research-validated speech verification technology, it “listens” to a student as he or she reads aloud, monitors for signs of difficulty and intervenes with assistance when the student is challenged by a word. Students learn new vocabulary through the Glossary feature where students click on words to check the definitions and

Reading Assistant is designed for students who have attained basic word recognition and decoding skills and are now building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension, including students as young as preschoolers, all the way up to adults who need help to improve their English oral reading skills and English language proficiency.

Students’ fluency and comprehension performance are also continuously tracked in reports so that there is an objective measure of each student’s progress and accountability, improving data-driven decision-making by teachers and administrators.

Reading Assistant Tutorial

Reading Assistant Overview

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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a learning acceleration programme based on over 30 years of neuroscience research, designed for education institutions, English language learning centres and clinical specialists.  The programme develops and strengthens key cognitive skills such as memory, attention, processing and sequencing that enhance learning.With regular practice on the programme, students experience a wide range of improved critical language and reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax and, grammar leading to gains in reading skills averaging 1 2 years and improved academic performance.

Fast ForWord Overview


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List of School Users

Schools/organisations that have implemented our programmes


  • Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
  • Assumption Pathway School
  • Bedok West Primary School
  • Bukit Batok Secondary School
  • Bukit Merah Secondary School
  • Carehut Student Care Centre
  • CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Chua Chu Kang Primary School
  • Crest Secondary School
  • Damai Primary School
  • East View Primary School
  • Fengshan Primary School
  • Greendale Primary School
  • Guangyang Secondary School
  • Hong Wen School
  • Kranji Secondary School
  • New Town Secondary School
  • Ngee Ann Primary School
  • Northbrooks Secondary School
  • Northland Primary School
  • Northlight School
  • Pioneer Secondary School
  • Queenstown Secondary School
  • Rivervale Primary School
  • Si Ling Primary School
  • Singapore American School
  • St. Andrew’s Secondary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Secondary School
  • WeWin Education Centre
  • Wellington Primary School
  • West Spring Primary School
  • Zhicheng Private School

Hong Kong

  • CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School
  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Chik Wai Memorial School
  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College
  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch)
  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School
  • Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School
  • Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
  • Ng Yuk Secondary School


  • High Scope Alfa Inda
  • High Scope Kelapa Gading
  • Jakarta International Korean School



Testimonials for Professional Development

“Very comprehensive and detailed session. Hands-on activities were very good.”

“Really enjoyed the short activities. They help us teachers understand our own brain.”

“A well-paced introduction to brain-based training.”

“The highlight of the training for me was the application of cognitive exercises and hands-on physical activities.”

“The best part of the session – the design of a brain-based learning environment.”

“Very clear and concise. Great and relevant presentation.”

Testimonials for SMART Workout®

“SMART Workout® is one of my most quiet lessons, as students enjoy the exercises and focus on their work.”

“Students describe SMART Workout® as exercises for their brain, so it really helps to drive in the message about growth mindset and how we all can improve with practice and effort.”

“I can see that students are really engaged with the SMART Workout® activities, which helps them to improve in their focus and memory.”

Testimonials & Results

What do students like best about the programmes?

“The students like the fact that immediate feedback is given to them and that they have a personal reading coach with them. They are also able to see if they have / have not made any improvement in especially, their reading aloud section.”

“Students have a goal / target that they can work towards and also keep track of how many books they have read. For some of them, reading four books is already an achievement.”

Students like the fact that they are not ’embarrassed’ since they are not required to read aloud to their classmates.”

Students like the colourful visuals and the system of rewards inherent to the programme. Students like the immediate feedback they get also through the bar charts and percentage scores after each book is done.”

“Reading Assistant has definitely helped to motivate / encourage our students to read. We have also encountered less misbehaviour in class. The students also appreciate the fact that the school has made available this software to help them improve their English Language.”

“Our Sec 1 and Sec 2 students who used Fast ForWord made 4months gain on the Singapore Word Reading Test after 5 months of programme usage. 2 students showed gains of 14 and 15 months! This was even before we started Reading Assistant.”

Update after 2nd year usage:

“Our students made average gains of 25months after full-year training. Very pleased with these results!” 

The fact that the students are motivated to work and to strive towards continuous improvement. We have also seen much progress in two of our dyslexic students who are for the first time in their 2.5+ years with the school, sitting down to learn and be serious about their learning.”

“I like the fact that the programme carries out a running record for me, and has statistics to reflect the students’ progress. Also I like that I can reach out to multiple students at the same time which gives me space to intervene with specific students at the same time.”

I like Reading Assistant’s ‘glossary’… If only the students were more diligent in terms of checking out the words that they do not know.”