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SMART Brain Breaks

for Students

Brain breaks are mental breaks or mental exercises that are designed to help students and children stay focused in the long term and attend to the task or learning at hand. These brain breaks minimise inattentiveness and mental fatigue for students during a class, homework time at home or during a self-revision session. The goal of a brain break is to help a child’s mind shift focus for the stipulated break period.

Why Should Students have Brain Breaks during Class?

Research shows that taking brain breaks helps to increase a child’s on-task performance, mind focus and daily dose of physical activity. The body movements that take place during the brain breaks activities help to boost the supply of oxygen-carrying blood flow to the brain. Brain breaks exercises also help to produce increased activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, where problem solving, and regulation of emotions takes place. Research has shown that exercise is able to improve attention, concentration, working memory, long-term memory, verbal fluency, planning and problem-solving. In short, if you want your child to learn more effectively, take exercise breaks!

In addition, taking breaks in between learning periods or classes allows a child to relax and re-energize. BrainFit’s SMART brain breaks are specially designed to further impact focus, sequencing, rhythm, and timing for optimal benefits.

What are the Benefits of Students taking Brain Breaks?

  • Improvements in focus, coordination and learning abilities
  • Enhancement of working memory and long-term memory
  • Elevation of planning and problem-solving skills
  • Reduced stress and study anxiety
  • Reduced frustration and fatigue
  • Increased attention span and study productivity
  • Calm demeanor and emotions
  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Fosters self-motivation

What is Brain Fit’s SMART Brain Breaks?

  • A series of weekly personalized and varied physical exercise videos that level up in difficulty over time.
  • These videos target key sensory-motor skills including motor planning, core muscle control and stability, eye-hand coordination, eye focus and accuracy, visual response speed, rhythm, and timing, as well as processing speed.
  • Training and exercising these skills can help accelerate mental performance, focus development and learning.
  • Teachers can schedule brain breaks based on the curriculum timetable or at timed intervals and use the available SMART Brain Breaks videos and materials to conduct the brain break sessions.

How are Brain Breaks Conducted for Students and Children?

  • With BrainFit’s SMART Brain Breaks app, the brain breaks sessions can be easily conducted in a class video projection so that all students can take part in it together with teacher interaction and guidance.
  • The SMART Brain Breaks videos are also accessible to students via the app. If required, students can record themselves taking part in the Brain Breaks exercises and send that recorded video of participation to their teachers for review.

Works on:

  • Desktop Computers (PCs) and Laptops
  • Mobile phones: iOS and Android

Suitable for:

Children aged 3-years-old (Nursery 1) and above


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