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Through our partnership with Scientific Learning Corporation, BrainFit Studio has been able to access the work of four internationally-renowned neuroscientists who are also the founding members of Scientific Learning Corporation – Dr Michael Merzenich, Dr William Jenkins, Dr Paula Tallal, and Dr Steven Miller, whose expertise is based on more than 30 years of scientific research into how the brain learns.

The work of these neuroscientists is at the forefront in the fields of education and neuroscience; brain plasticity; auditory processing, language and reading development; psychology; behavioural algorithms; and multimedia technology.

In addition, BrainFit Studio and our clients have benefited greatly from our collaboration with Dr Martha Burns, Senior Clinical Specialist and Director of Professional Relations at Scientific Learning Corporation. As a Professor in Speech-Language Pathology, she is a passionate educator who offers cutting-edge information that is essential to everyone who seeks to improve the lives of students by improving their ability to learn and read.


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