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Science-Based Parenting Strategies for a Stronger Attention Span

This is one of the most common concerns that parents raise about their child’s development. Our ability to pay attention is a skill. Both adults and children are having an increasingly difficult time paying attention and sustaining attention, thanks particularly to our modern lifestyle with heavy technology use. And we can only expect this to worsen.

Having a solid attention span and focus is necessary for staying on task, successful learning, deep thinking and problem-solving. Like the muscles in our body, our attention and focus “brain muscle” can be strengthened through exercises, daily experiences and lifestyle habits.

What you can expect at the seminar?

If you are a parent with a child from birth to 18 years old, this is the seminar for you!

Gain parenting insights on what is required for the brain to pay attention and learn how to nurture attention span from infancy through to the school-going years. Come attend this seminar to:

  • Uncover how to use shared attention to improve your baby’s attention span
  • Understand how to plan daily experiences and cultivate “attentional habits” from young
  • Learn about the impact of music, exercise, mindfulness and parenting style on your child’s attention span and focus
  • Take home research-based strategies to strengthen attention, focus and learning in your child

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to ask Cheryl for her expert opinion on any other brain-related parenting questions that you may have.  

*This seminar offers content different from our regular “Discover How “Mental Workouts” Help Your Child Improve Attention Brain Fitness & Stamina” Seminar.

Join us in building fitter and more well-rounded thinkers in our children to unleash their true potential!

Date   : 1st September 2018

Time   : 2:00pm – 4:30pm 

Venue : YMCA Auditorium

Cost     : $40/pax, $50/couple*. Complimentary for BrainFit® parents and guests

Others : Light refreshments will be served

* Cash payment to be made at the entrance on the day itself

Registration closed

Speaker: Ms Cheryl Chia, Founder of BrainFit® Studio

With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Cheryl is an accomplished paediatric physiotherapist, who is also the founder of BrainFit®, an entity that specialises in scientific brain fitness training for children. Cheryl holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies (Paediatrics) from the University of Queensland, Australia. She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and was subsequently conferred membership in the Golden Key National Honour Society in recognition of her outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence. 

Cheryl has a keen interest in neuroscience and brain research on learning skills. She was a lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic and is also a much sought-after speaker. In Singapore, she has been invited to speak at events organised by The Head Foundation, MediaCorp-SMART Parents, The Child Guidance Clinic and schools. She is also a frequent invited guest on Parenting Made Easy Radio 93.8, where she shares her expertise on brain fitness to help parents raise smarter and more resilient children.