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Webinar For Parents

Why Is It So Hard For
My Child to Focus and
Pay Attention?

Join thousands of Parents in Asia as they witness and celebrate their children becoming more focused and less distracted in class


(For Parents with Children Aged 5 to 16 Years Old)

Date: 11th March 2021, Thursday

Time: 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Webinar Session via Zoom

Special Promo: Complimentary

An Online Educational Parenting Webinar With Brain Training Expert Cheryl Chia

We welcome you to learn the science behind how the brain works and how you can transform your child’s learning abilities by improving his/her Attention Brain Fitness. This highly educational webinar is an engaging session with other parents to raise questions and learn together.

What You Can Expect at This Webinar:

♦ Understand the 5 core brain muscles and how a weakness in any one area can hinder attention

♦ Learn the differentiating factors that enable a child to focus easily while others struggle

♦ Discover how your child’s unique brain functions and how he/she focuses differently

♦ Gain access to research-based parenting strategies to improve your child’s focus and attention span

♦ Take home our proprietary SMART® workout to develop and train your child’s Attention Brain Fitness

What is Attention Brain Fitness?

Attention Brain Fitness refers to your child’s mental ability to focus on, process and retain information. This is only possible when your child’s brain attention system (the brain’s frontal lobe) is well developed.

What is Attention Stamina?

Not only does your child requires a strong Attention Brain Fitness, he/she also needs to have a strong attention stamina in order to remain focused on tasks for extended periods of time despite distractions.

Attention Brain Fitness & Stamina – The Inseparable One-Plus-One for Learning Success

We all know how important it is for our child to stay attentive in class, sometimes for long hours even. If your child fails to pay adequate attention, it is impossible to acquire information accurately or execute tasks without error. Together with other brain fitness areas, your child’s Attention Brain Fitness forms the vital foundation for learning, without which academic success in school becomes impossible.

Learn First-Hand From Our Brain Fitness Expert

Ms Cheryl Chia
BrainFit Founder and Research Director

With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Cheryl is an accomplished paediatric physiotherapist who specialises in scientific brain fitness training for children and adult.

Cheryl has a keen interest in neuroscience and brain research on learning skills. She has presented at numerous international conferences related to brain fitness development, through her capacity as founder and director of BrainFit.

Cheryl is a much sought-after speaker in Singapore, with numerous speaking engagements organised by:

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy Studies (Paediatrics) from the University of Queensland, Australia
  • Awarded full scholarship from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Conferred membership in the Golden Key National Honour Society in recognition of her outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence

Professional Experience:

  • Over 4 years of clinical experience in KK Hospital holding various responsibilities such as overall coordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy
  • A lecturer on Paediatric Physiotherapy at the School of Health Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic

How an Improved Attention Brain Fitness & Stamina Can Benefit Your Child

Benefit #1

Your child’s learning abilities will be enhanced significantly

The better your child’s cognitive abilities, the better he/she will be able to concentrate and focus on any given task from the simplest to the most complex. That means your child can absorb fully in class, understand new concepts faster and be unbeatable in school!

Benefit #2

Your child will be more productive and manage time better

Instead of toggling back and forth when multitasking, your child will be able to fully devote his/her attention on tasks and complete them on time. This improved punctuality and time management creates more leisure time for your child to play.

Benefit #3

You can enjoy an improved parent-and-child relationship

When your child obediently sits down to finish his/her homework and chores, you can finally end the nagging and come home to quality time with your child.

What Our Parents Say

“When I came home from work last night. My son came running to me waving this piece of homework in his hand. For the first time ever. He was able to complete all his homework during the class lesson without having to bring any work home! This is a great achievement for him, having the attention and focus to complete a task swiftly! We are all so proud!”

Parent of a 7-Year-Old boy, attended BrainFit Scholar

“He has gained more ability to focus on tasks he didn’t want to do. He has skills he can call upon now.”

Parent of a 12-year-old boy, attended BrainFit Scholar

Get Expert Opinion on Parenting Questions

Remember to ask Cheryl for her expert opinion on any brain-related parenting questions that you might have so that you can be empowered and more than ready to raise a smarter, more focused child!

Examples of common attention-related questions from parents that have been answered at the webinar

♦ Why do some students focus easily but others struggle to pay attention?

♦ How can I help my child to be less fidgety when studying?

♦ How does brain fitness training help my child to develop stronger focus?

♦ What practical strategies can be applied to help my child have stronger focus?

♦ How does technology (the use of computers, iPads, etc) affect my child’s ability to focus?

♦ How can I stop my child’s addiction to technological devices that are interfering with his/her sleep and meal times and causing him/her to lose attention and focus in his/her studies?

♦ What are some brain training exercises I can try out at home with my child?