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346 responses for our recent webinar

How useful is the information presented in this webinar for you?

Are you able to apply the strategies presented?

Would you recommend a friend or colleague to attend a BrainFit® webinar?

Practical pointers given are not just for teaching but also personal application. The interactive polls were also interesting and relevant to the discussion.

I managed to get my son to join in and listen together. It is good that we can attend something together which is useful for all of us.

The 3 “M” presented is very helpful to me as a preschool teacher and a parent.

When Miss Cheryl told us about the 3 “M”, that is very useful for me as a school counsellor. I can give my students and their parents information that they need to know.

What I like best about this webinar is that the speaker is knowledgeable and gave a comprehensive presentation. The topics are very relevant and timely for us.

I gain a lot on how to motivate my children further as I realised that some methods may not be as great as it is (reward system).

The material is motivating and applicable. I can educate my kids better at home.

Directly discusses the important topic. Every topic that is being tackled is really happening in our lives today, especially for myself as a teacher.

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