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BrainFit® Kindie: Preschool Kindergarten

BrainFit® Kindie is an ECDA-registered preschool that uses a proven science-based approach that includes programmes developed and validated by research from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT universities. Having invested close to 2 decades into researching the best learning practices for children, we’ve developed a preschool curriculum unlike any other.

Great brain fitness does more than getting your child in ‘mental’ shape for primary school—it wires him or her for all of life’s lessons in the future. That is why a preschool that can maximise your child’s brain growth during his/her preschool years can ultimately stretch your child’s mental capacity to learn in his/her later years.

Every detail about the BrainFit® kindergarten from classroom set-up, time-table and student-teacher ratio, to the choice of curriculum themes and how lessons are delivered, is carefully considered through the latest in brain science findings. Our unique expertise in brain and learning optimisation enables us to accelerate the cognitive, learning and social-emotional development of each BrainFit® Kindie student successfully.

Our goal is for each BrainFit® Kindie student to joyfully master all content areas and also manage their own emotions, not just during the preschool years but having a life-long ability to learn efficiently, perform successfully and relate meaningfully! We achieve this through our 10 unique “ACE MY BRAIN” school features.


“There’s significant improvement within 3 months in my son’s cognition and emotional intelligence. This is his 2nd term and my 2-year-old is looking forward to go to school every day to see his kind and passionate teachers. Highly recommend.”

– Ms Melissa Rae Lau


“I have a pair of 22-month-old twin boys. They have attended BrainFit Kindie for 9 weeks and their change is really noticeable. Their attention span has improved and both of them can stay seated for a longer period of time for book reading and playing with blocks. I am very, very happy with all these improvements in my boys. I feel that this school has a lot of heart. The teachers are really knowledgable and passionate in children.”

– Mother of 22-month-old Ethan and Evan


“We’ve enrolled Andrea in BrainFit’s enrichment programme since she was 9 months old. We believe in BrainFit’s teaching methodology because it is based on science and research. We also like how BrainFit treats Chinese as a language medium rather than a subject. The small class size ensures Andrea gets the support and the attention that she needs to learn and grow. I would highly recommend BrainFit Kindie if you are looking for a well-thought-out syllabus and teaching methodologies supported by a team of very awesome and dedicated teachers.”  

– Mother of 18-month-old Andrea


“BrainFit takes learning to a different level. The way they approach learning is scientific as they are the experts when it comes to brain development. By combining brain development with the school curriculum that involves STEM training, this school has a holistic approach to learning which is exactly what I am looking for my child. The teachers here take the effort to really communicate with your child, to understand and help your child in many different aspects. In terms of improvement, Lucas’ attention span has increased tremendously. I highly recommend BrainFit to every single parent.”

– Mother of 2.5-year-old Lucas Lim