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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is brain fitness?

Brain fitness refers to cognitive skills such as attention, memory and critical thinking abilities essential for learning.

Why is brain fitness important?

Here are 4 recent discoveries that explain why brain fitness or cognitive skills development are so important, especially in the early years:

  1. Cognitive skills have a significant impact on children’s academic achievement and life success.
  2. Cognitive skills are distinctly different from academic skills and need to be specifically trained.
  3. Cognitive skills undergo a unique and rapid “growth spurt” during the preschool years.
  4. Cognitive skills develop unevenly in different children and those with weaknesses may not necessarily outgrow them with age.
How is brain fitness linked to intelligence?

Scientists working on mapping human intelligence have recently discovered that both general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) involves brain networks in key cognitive areas, namely visual, auditory, spatial (body) and executive processes (focus and planning). These key “brain muscles” are the main targets in BrainFit’s “whole-brain” training methodology. This means when we strengthen brain fitness, we are also increasing intelligence!

Who can benefit from brain fitness training?

Anyone, from infants to seniors, can benefit from brain fitness training. However, younger brains often make more gains given the same training effort so we strongly recommend that brain training commences as early as possible.

Can brain fitness training benefit individuals with learning difficulties/ disabilities?

Yes, BrainFit Studio has trained individuals diagnosed with learning difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADD or ADHD), auditory processing disorder (APD), dyslexia, language delays, sensory-modulation disorder, dyspraxia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Can brain fitness training benefit students already doing well in school?

Yes, BrainFit Studio has helped train many average and even gifted students. Just as physical fitness training can benefit everyone, from the person with poor fitness levels to the top athlete, everyone can benefit from brain fitness training. An average or even top student can still be challenged to perform at an even more superior mental state.