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BrainFit® CognitiveMAP is a standardized whole-brain cognitive assessment tool which aims to provide insights into learning abilities, motivation, school or work performance and behaviours. 

Standardized using data from more than 5000 individuals around the world, BrainFit® CognitiveMAP evaluates cognitive skills in the 5 core brain pillars of

Collectively, they are our “Biology of Learning”, and form the brain foundations for learning, problem-solving and intellectual processing.

BrainFit® CognitiveMAP helps to answer many important questions such as “Why is there a lack of focus or motivation?” “Is there enough memory power or processing speed to succeed?” “What are the cognitive strengths you should exploit?” 

Most importantly, by understanding your child’s cognitive abilities, you are able to take positive steps towards strengthening the mental processes that are critical to help your child enjoy and succeed in learning and other activities.

The greater the amount of cognitive fitness you can build, the faster, sharper and smarter you can become.

The benefits of BrainFit® CognitiveMAP:




Is BrainFit® CognitiveMAP a diagnostic assessment?

No, CognitiveMAP is NOT a diagnostic assessment. The intention of the CognitiveMAP is not to diagnose learning difficulties but to understand how cognitive skills are influencing learning and behaviors. For example, in order to diagnose dyslexia (a reading disorder), a full-scale IQ test is needed, together with a comprehensive reading assessment. The discrepancy in scores between the two sets of assessments allow a registered psychologist to make a diagnosis of dyslexia. BrainFit® CognitiveMAP, on the other hand, tries to understand why a student is not able to succeed in reading. For example, the child may have eye tracking weaknesses or auditory word discrimination issues which are causing reading to be challenging. The intention of CognitiveMAP is to enable Coaches to determine which cognitive skills need strengthening to improve learning abilities and shape behaviours positively. 

Can BrainFit® CognitiveMAP be conducted online independently?

While most components of CognitiveMAP are computerized, it is currently available only through BrainFit® Studios, certified coaches and schools, where students and individuals are supervised during the assessment. 

Would you recommend how best to improve my cognitive skills after the assessment?

Yes, the CognitiveMAP report provides personalised strategies to exploit your cognitive strengths and remediate your cognitive weaknesses. In addition, the CognitiveMAP enables certified coaches to design a personalised cognitive training programme to elevate your child’s cognitive skills. The CognitiveMAP will then serve as a baseline, where future assessments may be conducted to ascertain improvements following training. At BrainFit®, we provide complimentary cognitive re-evaluations after every 8-12 months of training so that we are able to measure and track gains objectively.

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