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BrainFit® Solutions for Schools

BrainFit® offers the following solutions to schools to develop stronger brain fitness in their students. With a fitter brain, students learn better using stronger cognitive skills such as memory, attentions span and processing speed. A fit brain also implies a brain better equipped to manage stress, regulate emotions and be resilient. 

These solutions may be particularly useful during this extraordinary period of mass school closure and the abrupt need for distance learning resources.

  • Affordable and flexible monthly, quarterly or annual subscription-based model.
  • Full initial set-up and on-going IT and teacher support to schools.
SMART Chat Communication App for Teachers

Instant messaging with every family without using a phone number. Award tokens to students for positive behaviours & homework completion. Allow parents access to resources.

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CogMAP™ Cognitive Profiling

CognitiveMAP is a brain profiling tool to help educators understand the underlying causes of their students’ learning and behaviours. Gain insights into learning abilities, behaviours, performance and mindsets, through evaluating the 5 core “brain pillars” of focus, visual, auditory, motor and emotional processing.

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Social-emotional learning curriculums using short videos, print materials and quizzes to develop growth mindset, emotional regulation and willpower. Expect stronger motivation, better stress and emotional regulation, and self-management abilities.

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Movement Brain Breaks

Physical exercises that are designed to help students stay focused in class and attend to the task or learning at hand. Increase students’ on-task performance & mind focus with daily doses of brain-boosting physical activities.

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Literacy Development

Build critical language and reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax and grammar. Expect gains in reading skills averaging 1 – 2 years and improved academic performance.

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SMART Workout®

Personalised brain training app games which target key cognitive skills such as working memory, attention span, processing speed, cognitive flexibility and numerical fluency. Accelerate learning abilities and elevate school achievement.

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Online Reading Coach for Students

Designed for students who have attained basic word recognition and decoding skills. A 24/7 online personal reading coach that builds vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and English oral reading skills.

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