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CogMAP™ (9 months and above)

CogMAP™ is a cognitive profiling tool to help individuals understand what drives your behaviours. You can gain insights into your own or your child’s learning abilities, behaviours, performance and mindsets, through evaluating the 5 core “brain pillars” of focus, visual, auditory, motor and emotional processing.

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BrainFit® Baby (9 months to 3 years old)

Do you know that a set of blocks and a jigsaw puzzle builds different thinking skills in your baby? While both are toys and involve play, they stimulate different thinking pathways in a brain. BrainFit® Baby is designed to build all the essential thinking and intelligence foundations in developing young brains. Parents and carers learn how to use different types of play to support your baby’s brain development.

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BrainFit® Junior (3 to 6 years old)

Do you know that during the preschool years of 3 to 6 years old, your preschooler’s brain experiences a unique growth spurt in the area of executive function development? Executive function governs focused attention, working memory, impulse control and emotional regulation, meaning that these skills are in full-swing development! How fit these brain areas grow during this period can have a significant impact on your child’s later learning and performance.

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BrainFit® Scholar (6 to 18 years old)

Our highly successful BrainFit® Scholar programme aims to boost cognitive skills rapidly for a more efficient, enjoyable and successful learning experience. This programme is unlike a typical learning centre that focuses on school subjects revision, learning techniques or motivational strategies. Instead, it is more like a mental gym that strengthens students’ cognitive skills through targeted and personalised exercises.

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BrainFit® Executive (18 to 60 years old)

BrainFit® Executive caters to young and working adults who are keen to sharpen their cognitive skills to optimise their focus, memory and work performance. The aim is to provide adults and working professionals with the ability to perform at a higher level without any conscious effort – the extra edge would be second nature.

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BrainFit® Prime (60 years old and above)

BrainFit® Prime aims to stop and reverse the effects of aging on the brain. We want to enable seniors to prevent and recapture loss of memory, alertness and focus. By doing so, seniors would be able to continue leading productive, independent and meaningful lives with higher self-esteem and confidence.

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