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How Fit is Your Child’s Brain?


Most of us understand the importance of physical fitness for good health. Unfortunately, many are less familiar with the importance of brain fitness in determining our ability to pay attention, have good memory, be less careless and more motivated in learning. Many people think of our brains in 2 ways – either it is normal/ smart or abnormal/ challenged. Hence when a normal, bright child underperforms in school, we usually attribute it to laziness or a negative attitude towards learning. That is far from the truth.

Brain fitness is very much like physical fitness. We do not think of people as either fit (competitive sportsman standard) or unfit (complete couch potato). Most of us fall between these two extremes. We may have good running stamina but poor flexibility. We may have strong arm muscles but a flabby tummy. Brain fitness should be understood like physical fitness.

Most of us have brain fitness that lie between normal and abnormal. We may have strong communication skills but poor attention span. We may excel in solving visual problems, yet fail to remember information well. These gaps in brain fitness can create underperformance in learning, which is not a result of laziness or bad attitude.

At Brainfit Studio, we have been using neuroscientific brain fitness programmes to build stronger learners since 2001.We all spend time making sure our body is in good shape. Is it time to “shape up” your brain today?If you want your child to develop a fit brain, then all you have to do is contact us at the centre nearest to you or attend our complimentary parent workshop.

“Drastic improvement! From an average score of 50% in P1 to 82% for his SA2 in P2! “

Father of 8-year-old