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As founder and owner of BrainFit, I am greatly blessed with work that I thoroughly enjoy and which I am deeply passionate about. My work involves nurturing, shaping and rewiring brains. How cool is that?! I am trained as a paediatric physiotherapist and spent my early career in the neonatal ICU of KK Hospital, tending to tiny vulnerable brains of little premature infants, or babies who have had traumatic births. That early career experience sparked my interest in brain development and I have since spent the past twenty years strengthening brains and improving lives.

The arrival of my two daughters, Isabelle and Victoria, has turned a career interest into a deeply personal one. As a parent, I get to see neuroscience come alive! From how I choose my children’s toys and enrichment programmes to the way I plan their day, or even the type of domestic help I choose(!), I have leaned on my understanding of neuroscience to guide me. At the same time, having a husband from the finance industry with absolutely no background in neuroscience a.k.a. clueless husband, has made me realize that what I may think is common neuroscientific knowledge may not be that common at all!

This blog is dedicated to anyone interested in their brains, and in particular to parents who, like me, have an interest in neuroscience-based parenting ie. parenting according to what the science tells us about how the brain is shaped. It is also dedicated to parents who, like my dear clueless husband (who shall remain nameless), may benefit from some sound scientific information to guide them in their daily parenting!

My goal is to help neuroscience come alive for you as much as it has for me and to help us better discern between parenting and life choices that will make our brains thank us or otherwise. I hope my sharing will inspire you to embark on your personal journey of discovery and enrichment of your child’s (or your own!) brain according to what the latest science teaches us about this important subject.